Course Title



2018, 2019 Teaching Assistant Fundamentals of Data Science Masters Stanford MS&E
2019 Teaching Assistant Computer Science High School AddisCoder
2019 Course Design Assistant Data Science: An Introduction to Prediction Executive Education Stanford MS&E
2018 Teaching Assistant Data Science for Online Marketplaces MBA Stanford GSB
2017, 2018 Guest lecturer Methods & Models for Policy and Strategy Analysis Undergrad Stanford MS&E
2013 Teaching Assistant Introduction to Computing Undergrad UT Austin Computer Engineering
2012 Teaching Assistant Integral Calculus Undergrad UT Austin Math


  • In partnership with a Houston-based non-profit, SWAG to College, I wrote a career guide for highschoolers considering majoring in computer science. Available here.
  • In 2016, I taught a Splash! class to high school kids on philosophical questions in technology, focusing on connections to the philosophy of mind.
  • UT Austin EE306 Study Guide/Course Packet: I led a team who wrote and published course packet and review guide for Introduction to Computing at UT. The packet serves as a supplement to the textbook and more thoroughly explained important and difficult concepts. It covers transistors, digital logic, binary, assembly language, debugging skills, and intro-level computer architecture. This packet has been made available to the 300 students taking EE306 each semester. Available here.
  • UT Austin PHL610QB Philosophy of Mind Study Guide: A friend and I wrote and shared a study guide for a Philosophy of Mind course at UT Austin. The packet covers various views of Consciousness, the Problem of Other Minds, the Mind-Body Problem (Dualism, Monism, and Physicalism), and Personal Identity. We gave a lecture based on the packet to our class. Available here.