Hi! I'm a postdoc at Berkeley EECS. Starting in July 2021, I'll be an assistant professor of Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) at Cornell Tech and the Technion, as part of the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, and an ORIE field member at Cornell University.

My research is at the intersection of computer science, economics, and operations -- on the application of algorithms, data science, and mechanism design to the study of democracy, markets, and societal systems at large. Things I've worked on include surge pricing, rating systems, how to vote on budgets, the role of testing in college admissions, stereotypes in word embeddings, and polarization on Twitter.

My work has been covered in the New York Times, Washington Post, Science Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine (in print), Stanford Engineering magazine, Stanford News, and other places. I like to have first-hand practical experience in a domain before tackling research questions, and have built real systems (including for participatory budgeting and at NASA, Uber, and Upwork). I am senior scientific advisor to PredictWise, where I led data science efforts during the 2020 US election cycle.

I received a MS and PhD from Stanford in 2020, where I was lucky to be advised by Ashish Goel and Ramesh Johari and was part of the Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team and the Society and Algorithms Lab. Before that, I graduated with a BS and BA from the University of Texas at Austin in 2015.

Contact me at nkgar6@REMOVETHISgmail.REMOVETHIScom or Twitter. My old Stanford email intermittently fails to forward mail. Please do not use it.

What's new

April 2021 Received honorable mention for the ACM SIGecom dissertation award!
April 2021 Co-organizing Workshop on Operations of People-Centric Systems at EC`21. Please submit!
Nov 2020 Started as Working Groups Co-lead for MD4SG. Excited to contribute to this wonderful community!
Nov 2020 Received the INFORMS Dantzig Dissertation award, and 2nd place in the MSOM Student Paper competition!
Nov 2020 Started a postdoc at UC Berkeley EECS. Ping me if you're (virtually) here!
Oct 2020 New paper online, "Standardized Tests and Affirmative Action: The Role of Bias and Variance." December update: Accepted to FAccT `21.