Hi! I'm a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, where I work with Ashish Goel and Ramesh Johari and am part of the Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team and the Society and Algorithms Lab. I am supported by a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Contact me at nkgarg AT stanford DOT edu.

My research interests are somewhat eclectic. I primarily think about algorithmic challenges in online marketplaces and public decision-making, and in both domains am most concerned with implementable systems informed by theory. I have also studied using word embeddings for historical sociology and am interested in several aspects of technology policy (some of my policy work is described here).

I received my M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford in 2017. Before that, I graduated with a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a B.A. in Plan II (Liberal Arts) in 2015 from The University of Texas at Austin, where I focused on signal processing and wireless communications. I have spent time at Uber, NASA, and Microsoft, and have collaborated with Upwork. CV.
Talks and travel:
4/19"Designing Optimal Binary Rating Systems" @ AISTATS'19 in Naha, Japan
1/19"Word Embeddings Quantify 100 Years of Gender and Ethnic Stereotypes" @ Stanford Symbolic Systems Symposium
12/18"(Empirical) Design of Simple Voting Mechanisms" (Poster) @ WINE'18 in Oxford, UK
11/18"Markets for Public Decision-making" @ INFORMS'18 in Phoenix, AZ
9/18Data Ethics panel @ eWEAR Stanford
7/18"Designing Informative Rating Systems: Evidence from two experiments" @ Uber
6/18"Designing Informative Rating Systems: Evidence from two experiments" @ Market Design Workshop at EC'18 in Cornell, Ithaca, NY
4/18"Reputation, Trust, and Markets" @ Stanford MS&E 190
4/18"Designing Rating Systems for Online Platforms" @ Stanford SOAL seminar
10/17 "Designing Rating Systems for Online Platforms" @ INFORMS'17 in Houston, Texas
6/17"Designing Reputation Systems for Online Platforms: Pairwise Comparisons" @ the Marketplace Innovation Workshop in Stanford
4/17"Reputation, Trust, and Markets" @ Stanford MS&E 190
4/17"Pairwise Comparisons for Online Reputation Systems" (Poster) @ Stanford Computer Forum
4/17"Collaborative Optimization for Collective Decision-making in Continuous Spaces" @ WWW'17 in Perth, Australia
12/15"Impact of Dual Slope Path Loss on User Association in HetNets" @ Globecom'15 Workshop on HetNets, in San Diego, CA

I try to maintain a blog, mostly about books I've read recently. Some of my recent-ish posts:

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12/18 Books I read in 2018, ranked (31–52)
12/18 Review of “A world without mind,” by Franklin Foer
12/18 Review of “Inglorious Empire: What the British did to India”, by Shashi Tharoor
12/18 Review of “Energy, a Human History,” by Richard Rhodes
12/18 Review of “Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment,” by Robert Wright
10/18 A compilation of comics explaining statistics, data science, and machine learning