Hi! I'm currently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. I'm interested in social algorithms and crowdsourced democracy, philosophy, and politics, among other things. I completed my undergraduate education at The University of Texas at Austin in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Plan II in 2015. CV.

Research Interests

- Social Algorithms and Crowdsourced Democracy
- Market Design and Modeling, especially Reputation Systems
- Machine Learning

Policy Interests

- Technology driven voting and deliberation
- Data in public policy
- Technological unemployment
- Wireless and spectrum policy; Internet policy, net neutrality, and privacy


6/17, Presented "Designing Reputation Systems for Online Platforms: Pairwise Comparisons" at the Marketplace Innovation Workshop @ Stanford
12/16, Our work, "Collaborative Optimization for Collective Decision-making in Continuous Spaces" was accepted to WWW 2017. ArXiv version here.
6/15, Started summer internship program at IEEE WISE. Read about it here.
5/15, Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in ECE and a B.A. in Plan II
5/15, Launched ProjectAlexandria.net, a book recommendation and exploration engine.