I care about and have experience in translating technology expertise to real world policy. The next fifteen years will see profound changes because of what's going on in research labs today. The Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, machine learning, and communication technologies will upend our economy and daily lives. Managing these changes requires both technical knowledge and an understanding of policy. I'm interested in opportunities to contribute to such discussions. A subset of issues that I care about:

-Technology driven voting and deliberation
-Wireless and spectrum policy; Internet policy, net neutrality, and privacy
-Data in public policy
-Technological unemployment


I have had the good fortune to have had the time to think and write about some of these issues, ranging from specific policy oriented approaches to more "fun" philosophy papers.

-I submitted a FCC filing on public docket concerning LTE-U/LAA. It is available on the FCC website. I also published a more comprehensive report.
-As part of a class taught by Dr. James Galbraith on Technology and Financial Crises, I wrote a paper arguing that technological unemployment will be the defining economic issue of the generation. The second half whimsically imagines leisure time and honor symbols in a post-scarcity society.
-In a class taught by Admiral Inman, I wrote a paper arguing that the government should pursue the development of international norms of cyber-warfare and closely regulate cyber-security practices of companies that own critical infrastructure.
-In a class taught by Dr. Galen Strawson, I wrote a fun paper arguing that what used to be ivory tower philosophy questions must be answered for practical purposes very soon. This paper focuses on the question of emergence of conscious thought from non-conscious thought and the rights afforded to potentially Conscious machines. Another example is that a solution to the trolley problem must soon be part of an algorithm implemented by autonomous vehicles.


-Technology Policy Associate for IEEE-USA in Washington, DC (June - August 2015)
-Legislative Intern for Texas State Senator Davis in Austin, TX (August - December 2013)
-Next Generation Scholar at the Strauss Center for International Security and Law in Austin, TX (August 2013 - May 2014)