Working Papers

  1.  2018  Markets for Public Decision-making [arxiv]  [abstract] 
    Nikhil Garg, Ashish Goel, and Ben Plaut
    In Submission

  2.  2018  Designing Informative Rating Systems: Evidence from two experiments [abstract] 
    Nikhil Garg and Ramesh Johari
    A version of this work appears at the Market Design Workshop at EC’18.

  3.  2018  Designing Optimal Binary Rating Systems [arxiv]  [abstract] 
    Nikhil Garg and Ramesh Johari
    In Submission
    A version of this work appears at the Marketplace Innovation Workshop in 2017.

Journal Articles

  1.  2018  Word embeddings quantify 100 years of gender and ethnic stereotypes [link]  [pdf]  [code & data]  [abstract] 
    Nikhil Garg, Londa Schiebinger, Dan Jurafsky, and James Zou
    In Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
    Press coverage: Stanford News (and EE department), Science Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine (in print), The World Economic Forum, Futurity, and others.

Conference Papers

  1.  2015  Use of electroencephalography and galvanic skin response in the prediction of an attentive cognitive state [link]  [pdf]  [abstract] 
    Beth Lewandowski, Kier Fortier, Nikhil Garg, Victor Rielly, Jeff Mackey, Tristan Hearn, Angela Harrivel, and Bradford Fenton
    In Health and Human Performance Research Summit, Dayton, CO

  2.  2015  Impact of Dual Slope Path Loss on User Association in HetNets [link]  [pdf]  [abstract] 
    Nikhil Garg, Sarabjot Singh, and Jeffrey Andrews
    In IEEE Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps)

  3.  2017  Collaborative Optimization for Collective Decision-making in Continuous Spaces [link]  [arxiv]  [abstract]  [demo] 
    Nikhil Garg, Vijay Kamble, Ashish Goel, David Marn, and Kamesh Munagala
    In International Conference on World Wide Web (WWW)
    A journal version of this work is in submission.

Technical Reports

  1.  2013  Multi-Modal, Multi-State, Real-Time Crew State Monitoring System [pdf] 
    Kier Fortier, Nikhil Garg, and Elizabeth Pickering
    NASA Glenn Research Center Research Report

  2.  2015  Comments of Nikhil Garg: A Doctrine of Fair Use of Unlicensed Bands [link]  [pdf] 
    Nikhil Garg
    Federal Communications Commission comment

  3.  2015  Fair Use and Innovation in Unlicensed Wireless Spectrum: LTE unlicensed and Wi-Fi in the 5 GHz unlicensed band [pdf] 
    Nikhil Garg
    In IEEE-USA, Journal of Technology and Public Policy

  4.  2018  Comparing voting methods for budget decisions on the ASSU ballot [pdf]  [abstract] 
    Lodewijk Gelauff, Sukolsak Sakshuwong, Nikhil Garg, and Ashish Goel


  1.  2015  Downlink and Uplink User Association in Dense Next-Generation Wireless Networks [link]  [abstract] 
    Nikhil Garg
    Bachelors Thesis, University of Texas at Austin.

Some of my other work is described here.